Constitution of The Waiheke Wanderers Travel & Recreation Club

The name of the club shall be The Waiheke Wanderers Travel & Recreation Club, hereinafter referred to in these rules as "the Club".

The objects of the Club are:
  1. To establish a social and recreational club.
  2. To organize and run recreational trips & events for the benefits of club members.
  3. To raise funds by means of subscription, raffles, sponsorship etc. to cover costs of such trips.
  4. To sponsor and preserve fellowship among the members herein and to promote outings, and related activities in furtherance of good fellowship among members of the Club.
  5. To promote and have the power and facilities to deal with property, executing any necessary instruments in this behalf. To have all rights, privileges, powers and immunities incident to an organization of this character, organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of New Zealand.
  6. The Club has availed a direct banking facility and at the discretion of the individual member a $ amount of $5.00 minimum and $10 maximum may be paid weekly into such an account to provide the individual member with funds for the events, trips etc. These savings remain the property of the individual member and will be released for payment of subscription, events or trips against the written permission of the individual member.
Registered Office:
The registered office of the Club shall be:
Jaguar Tours Ltd,
9 Waitai Road, Ostend
Waiheke Island

Application for Membership shall be on the Club approved form and the proposer and seconder shall be financial members. Application shall be delivered to the Secretary who will place any application before the next committee meeting. The committee will approve or otherwise the application and the applicant will be notified by post of the decision.

The dues of the Club shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting and become payable on the first day of March each year and every year thereafter. There shall be allowed a 30-day grace period on all dues and assessments of the Club, subsequent to which a delinquent shall lose voting and Club participating privileges. In the event that any dues or assessments hereafter shall be unpaid more than 90 days after said sum becomes due and payable, the individual delinquent in said payment shall lose his/her membership and all rights and privileges appertaining thereto but shall remain liable for the amount of his/her subscription for the current year, unless said agreement is entered into with the committee to pay subs due within an agreed time frame, before the 30 day grace period has lapsed.

A member may resign his membership of the Club by giving notice in writing to the Secretary of his resignation and by paying such subscription or fees as are owing by him/her. A member who resigns on the day of, or prior to, the Annual General Meeting shall not be liable for an annual subscription for that year provided that he has not used the facilities of the Club between the beginning of the financial year and the Annual General Meeting.

General Meetings:
The Annual General Meeting shall be held in March each year. Notice of such meeting shall be posted to members at least seven (7) days before such Meeting. A General Meeting may be held whenever then (5) Financial members of the Club request it in writing, the President, or in his absence, some other person appointed by the meeting shall preside. Such presiding person shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote. Voting at all General Meetings shall be on the voice unless the presiding person calls for a show of hands, but shall be by secret ballot if requested by at least five (5) financial members present at the meeting.

Notice of Motion:
Such members requesting a General Meeting in terms of Rule 7 or members wishing to bring forward any matters, including changes of rules, to be considered at a General Meeting, shall submit a full statement of such matters, duly signed by those members, at least twenty one (21) days prior to the date of the meeting. The Secretary shall in respect of a General Meeting give to each member notice of general meeting at least seven (7) days prior to the date thereof and in such notice shall set out in full the matters to be discussed at such meeting.

Officers and Committee:
The officers of the Club shall include a President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to four Committee Members who shall form the Committee of the Club. A club member may hold the dual position of Secretary and Treasurer. Only financial members shall be eligible to hold office herein. More than 50 per cent of the elected officers shall form a quorum at Committee Meetings.

Election of Officers:
The election of officers and members of committee shall be a show of hands. The consent of absent candidates for election shall be obtained in writing before nomination. These shall be in the hands of the Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting. All Members of the Committee shall continue until their successors have been appointed. Retiring members shall be called for and if the number of nominations exceeds the required number, it shall be decided by secret ballot which shall be opened by a returning officer and two (2) scrutineers who shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. The returning officer shall deliver the results to the President who shall read out the result to the meeting. The retiring officers shall remain in office for the duration of the Annual General Meeting. Any vacancy in the officers, or in members, of the Committee occurring during the year shall be filled by the committee. Persons appointed to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired balance of the term of the person whose place they fill. The position of any Committee member who is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation or whose apologies in this connection are not acceptable to the executive, may be declared vacant.

The elected committee shall, by majority vote, prescribe and determine the operation and policies of the Club and enter into any agreements it may think necessary in the management for the affairs of the Club. The President shall singularly, or upon the direction of the elected committee, appoint sub-committees or individuals to make, investigate, report on, or plan and prescribe any enterprise of the Club. A member of the elected committee shall be Chairman of any sub-committee.

The Secretary shall perform such duties as are required of him by the Rules, Regulations and By-laws of the Club and any such other duties in relation to the Club as the Committee may require of him/her. And (inter alia) he/she shall conduct the correspondence and shall have custody of the Common Seal, Deeds and other documents belonging to the Club. He shall keep full and correct minutes of all Committee Meetings and General Meetings. These minutes to be produced at all meetings of the Club or of the Committee. He shall keep a list of members and their addresses and shall notify them of all General Meetings. The Club may, if it thinks expedient at the Annual General Meeting, elect an Assistant Secretary who shall there upon become a Full Member of the Committee.

The Treasurer shall receive all moneys payable to the Club and shall issue an official receipt therefore. He shall open a bank account in the name of the Club into which he shall deposit all monies received by him for the Club and all operations thereon shall be signed by him and one (1) nominated member of the Committee or as the Committee may from time to time authorise. He/she shall submit at the time of the Annual General Meeting a Statement of the Assets and Liabilities of the Club as at the last day of the preceding April together with an account of the Income and Expenditure for the twelve (12) months ending on such date; both statements to be audited prior to the presentation by a person elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Common Seal:
The Club shall have a common seal, which shall be affixed to documents at a meeting of the Committee or in the pursuance of a resolution of the Committee and the affixing of the same shall be attested by at least three (3) members of the Committee. The Common Seal shall be in the custody of the Secretary.

Control and Use of Funds:
The Club may from time to time invest and re-invest in such securities and upon such terms as it shall think fit the whole or any part of the funds which shall not be required for the immediate business of the Club.

Expulsion of a Member:
The Committee may cancel the membership of any member whose conduct is such in the opinion of the Committee to render such member's continued membership undesirable or likely to endanger the character, good order or welfare of the Club, provided such member shall:-
  1. Have previously been notified in writing by registered post of the charge against him/her and shall be given the opportunity to reply to same.
  2. Have a right of appeal to a General Meeting of the Club if within fourteen (14) days of being notified of such cancellation he shall give notice in writing to the Secretary claiming a review of such decision by a General Meeting of the Club, in which case such member shall be entitled to attend such General Meeting and defend himself/herself against the charge but not to vote. In the event of the cancellation of the membership of any member the name of such member shall be removed from the list of the members of the Club and he shall cease henceforth to be a member of the Club but shall remain liable for all subscriptions and fees owing up to the date of such cancellation of Membership.
Alteration of Rules:
No existing rules shall be altered or repealed and no new rule shall be added without the consent of the majority of the members present at a General Meeting of the Club, for which the requisite notice has been given in terms of Clauses 7 and 8.

Interpretation of Rules:
The decision of the Committee on the interpretation of the Rules on any matter or thing not contained in these Rules but pertaining to the Club, its property, activities or interests, shall be conclusive or binding on all members present at a General Meeting. In these rules words purporting to the masculine gender shall include the female gender.

Winding Up:
Upon the Club being wound up a General Meeting shall be convened for the purpose.
The procedure for the winding up of the Club shall be by means of passing a resolution to this effect -
The resolution shall be passed by a simple majority of all the valid votes cast by members voting at the General Meeting in person.
Upon the passing of the resolution to wind up the Club a second General Meeting shall be called not earlier than 30 days from the first meeting to pass a resolution by simple majority confirming the decision reached at the first General Meeting.
In the event that the resolution fails at the second General Meeting the resolution passed at the first General Meeting will lapse.
In the event that the resolution is passed one or more liquidators shall be appointed to wind up the affairs of the Club, whereby the property and funds of the Club, after discharge of all its liabilities, shall be disposed on in such manner so as to offer no personal gain to any member.